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This naturally ventilated barn in Elora, ON, has Lely robots and sand bedding. The farmer originally chose the CowKühlerZ system because of how energy-efficient the fan-powered by an EC motor was. However, once the system was up and running, he noticed other significant benefits. Here's what he has to say...

"If your cows are being challenged because of heat stress, there are definitely going to be problems. Having a KühlerZ system that turns itself on when it’s needed and turns itself off when it’s not needed is so slick. The climate in the barn is so much better, which attributes to better general cow health.

With a regular panel fan or a basket fan, it has to be running at 100%, flat out, or it has to be turned off. Having the variable speed ability of the CowKühlerZ that is managed by a controller automatically depending on the temperature and humidity in the barn is a huge benefit.

The mist is the cream on top of the cake. When the water comes on, it cools the cows down even more. This is an added benefit over and above what a fan alone can offer.

You can’t put a dollar value on cattle health. When your cows are healthy, they perform well. Our cows are healthier. We have better reproduction numbers and steady milk production because of the KühlerZ system.

It’s an automated system without any extra bells or whistles. There’s very little maintenance, and it works seamlessly. It starts when it’s needed, and it stops when it is not needed.

Things are going slick the system is working great. The (CowKühlerZ) system adapts to provide the right climate for the cows, and it’s fully automated. I don’t have to do anything. Panel fans run for too long and too fast, and they run at 100% capacity or nothing at all."

Being able to take ambient air temperature out of the equation has a major impact on an operation. When every day feels like a cool day, cows can reach and maintain their full potential. 

We all know cows love consistency, and that's what a KühlerZ system does.

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KühlerZ now offers two series to cover all your cooling needs.  The original CowKühlerZ series and the new Core Cool Series.

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P.S. Consistently Cool Cows are Core Cooled Cows by KühlerZ

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