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Core Body Cooling

Temperature stress costs dairy producers millions of dollars every year.

Core Cool Systems is a simple and easy-to-install system that maintains core body
temperature so you can maintain your moo-lah!

You don't have to let temperature stress rob your profitability.
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Make the Investment in your operation today.
Partner with us, Give your cows the consistency they crave.

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Maintaining production, reproduction and so much more. It is possible 
with Core Cool Systems.

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Why Core Cool Cows?

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Evaporative cooling and high humidity, Can you do it?
How does Core Cool Systems offer Evaporative Cooling when the Humidity is High?
Have you ever experienced a day so humid that you find yourself dripping in sweat sitting in the shade on the front porch? Those days are brutal. Imagine how those days feel for your cows! They can't sweat the way we do to help regulate their body temperature. We know how damaging high heat and high humidity can be to cattle health and performance. 
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Is temperature stress robbing your fertility?
Do you have cows missing breeding cycles? Are you scratching your head because it's only the end of May? It doesn't take a heatwave, or a spike in summer temperatures, to cause heat stress in dairy cows. As summer approaches, rising temperatures, even as low as 14 °C/ 57° F, can affect fertility.
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