Stand out from the competition in today's cutthroat market.
Core Cool Systems offers a unique and simple cooling solution.
It's fully automated and it proven to work worldwide.

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Consistently cool cows = High performing Cows = Happy Customers

We are looking for Dealers across the globe with key characteristics. Are you:

  1. Driven – to use precision technology engineered for the agricultural market to create environments that enable our customers to maximize their profits.
  2. Dedicated – to creating a consistently cool environment for our customers' cows because we know cool cows are happier, healthier cows.
  3. Loyal - to the Core Cool Formula. Promoting the complete system without compromise. Like any formula; every component is crucial to achieving the desired results.

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As a member of the Core Cool Systems Team, you’re signing up to revolutionize cooling techniques in the dairy industry:

At Core Cool Systems, we believe cows can reach their full potential when they are consistently cool and not challenged by temperature and humidity.

Our focus on providing a consistently cool comfortable environment for cows. Not just on hot days during the summer, but 24/7 365 days a year!

Challenged cows suffer drops in production, reproduction and have increases in fall lameness and metabolic issues like milk fever/Ketosis.

We proactively maintain core body temperature by harnessing the elements of wind, water, temperature, humidity and time.

We provide a fully automated system that gives cows a consistent cool feel environment because cool cows are happy cows, and happy cows perform better and live longer, healthier lives.

We love making our customers successful. Across North America, and around the world, Core Cool Systems customers are thrilled with the results they are achieving.

If you are technology-driven, dedicated to creating the best environments, and understand the value of providing consistency to cows...
Then it’s time to join our team!

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Everyone on the Core Cool Systems team is

Proactive - because prevention is more effective than reactive abatement strategies.

Asking producers the Question –
"What would a consistently cool environment do for your cows?"

Listening – to the customer's needs to create a solution that matches their requirements.

Join Our Team

Core Cool Systems is not just another line of fans for your dealership.

We are on a mission to stop the damaging effects of fluctuating and high temperatures on the dairy industry.

If you choose to team up with Core Cool Systems, you can offer your customers a unique solution for their operation that brings their performance to a new level, saving them time, power and water.

With the help of a Core Cool Systems system, even old barns can deliver top performance. Core Cool Systems makes every day feel like a cool day, maximizing cattle's performance and impacting the bottom line.

Happy Cows = Happy Customers!

Isn't that the dream... Happy Customers? With Core Cool Systems, that dream becomes a reality.

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