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There are so many days where there is a 20° temperature variance over the Day. Most areas of North America experience over 125 days a year! These days wreak havoc on cow performance. We know how disheartening it can be to watch your cows' performance suffer. Even worse, you have absolutely no control over the weather. Until NOW. The Core Cool system gives you the power to control the environment in your barn and make EVERY Day feel like a COOl day for your cows!

I hear you asking, HOW?

The Core Cool System continuously monitor the cows' environment, providing precisely and automatically the best type of cooling. monitoring the THI 24/7

  • precisely controlling the variable airspeed
  • keeping the airflow very focused over the cows
  • providing a very high velocity when needed
  • adding intelligent water cooling without wetting the stalls

While operating, the Core Cool System is working quietly and highly efficiently, saving energy and water. It encourages more resting, ruminating and milk making while improving summer conception and hoof health.

The Core Cool System consists of the three elements

  • Controller
  • Variable speed fans
  • KühlerZ Nozzles, water cooling

Core Cool Systems

Temperature and Humidity, monitored 24/7 to cover your cows' comfort At the heart of the Core Cool Systems are three types of controllers that cover specific functions and adjust the system to the cows' needs. They are full automatic, easy to set up and alter, then offer everyday peace of mind without the need for employe intervention.

  • HAC, the Holding Area Controller will automatically manage your fans and nozzles in the holding pen during the milking time. In between milkig times, the HAC will shut the fans and nozzles off, saving you water and energy.
  • KBC, switches the Core Cool Supporters on and off when needeed and sets the variable speed of the fans depending on the ambient temperature and your cows' needs.
  • CKC, the Controller monitors temperature and humidity year-round and provides intelligent water cooling only when needed.

Proven with amazing on farm results to be an innovative water cooling system delivering precise, perfectly-sized water particles directly on the cows' coat. Water particles evaporate - with the body heat - into the air, bedding does not get wet. Minimizing water usage to a fraction of what other methods use. The proven, innovative water cooling system Core Cool Nozzles.

  • Delivering precise, perfectly-sized water particles directly on the cows' coat water particles evaporate - with the body heat - into the air
  • Bedding does not get wet
  • Minimizing the water use to a fraction of other methods use

CC 18.07
18" - CC System,
1 ~ 200-270V 50/60Hz

CC 25.37
25" - CC System,
3 ~ 380-480V 50/60Hz

CC 32.40
32" - CC System,
3 ~ 380-480V 50/60Hz

Variable speed fans are a potential source for stray voltage. Due to its ultra-modern design, the VFD is integrated into the Core Cool Motor, which is furthr equipped with powerful lines filters, preventing any stray voltage from escaping and causing discomfort or harm to your cows.

Differentiators of the Core Cool Series

  • Durable composite housing
  • Build for Agricultural conditions
  • EC motor for great efficiency
  • Internal variable speed control spiralling airflow to maximize airspeed at a distance
  • Standard pigeon guards to protect your investment

CC BR 25/32
Universal Bracket for 25" and 32" Core Cool Supporters.

This very robust and versatile brackets does slip over a 2-1/2" tube, which is either standing from the floor up, or hanging down from the ceiling.

  • Adjustable angles
  • Both horizontal and vertical
  • Quick and easy install
  • High airflow efficiency

Ever had to decide to turn the fan on or leave them off over your morning cup of coffee? Have you had an afternoon milking on a day that was supposed to be cool only to have your milk temp alarms going off on every second cow? Does your current System let you down on those days when the weatherman doesn't get the forecast right? The Core Cool System is the solution you have been looking for. We know life is busy, and the crystal ball doesn't always work. That's why we created a system that is continuously monitoring the temperature and humidity in your barn and adjusts the complete System accordingly. Your cows are kept consistently cool, and you can worry about the other million things you need to think about.


Do you have a barn full of fans and still have cows suffering from temperature stress? We know how disappointing that can be! A Core Cool System provides variable speed fans with incredible airspeeds and a very focused airstream, cooling exactly the areas you want cooled. The motor has built-in variable speed control, set according to the temperature and humidity in the barn. The System provides exactly the correct airspeed needed to maintain core body temperature and keep cows feeling comfortable and COOL regardless of temperature variations throughout the day or heatwave events.


Do your components drop over the summer months? The Core Cool Nozzles are the cream. Core Cool Systems is a low-pressure system that uses a fraction of the water of a high-pressure system. A timed ultra-fine mist creates an "imitation sweat" As these tiny particles land on the cow's coat, they evaporate from both airspeed and body heat. This evaporation creates a chemical reaction that causes a chilling effect on the blood flowing just below the surface of her skin. This cooled blood is pumped to her core and maintains her core body temperature. Even on the warmest days, she feels comfortable and cool. Maximizing performance and cattle health. Components are directly impacted by heat stress, you don’t have to keep losing your cream. The Core Cool nozzles really are the cream, YOUR cream.

Consistently cool cows maintain their milk components which means more cream for you!

Here’s what a customer from Howick QC has to say about his experiences with the Core Cool System:

“Since installing the system in June 2018, the production stays at the same level no matter what, and the cows are eating all the time. They are no longer heat-stressed, so their dry matter intake remains high; they continue to ruminate and continue to produce milk. Interestingly, the butterfat has gone up 0.2%. The only difference in their management is the system, so they attribute the increase in butterfat percentage to the system.

They have a temperature sensor on their milk machines, which gives the real-time temperature of the milk as it enters the pipeline and passes through the system. Before the system, they would get alerts that the milk temperature was higher than 39°C, often throughout the summer. Since installing the system, the milk stays at 37°C; the alarms have not gone off in the two years since the system installation.

This is interesting because milk is the same temperature as the cows' blood and body temperature. If her core body temperature remains around 37°C, which is ideal, her milk temperature should be about 37°C. This proves that the system is working to maintain cows' core body temperature within their thermal neutral comfort zone, maximizing performance and cow comfort.”

To speak with this customer or a Core Cool Systems customer that better matches your operation please click this link and we will put you in touch.

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