Great question! You can expect some ambient air cooling, BUT its just a pleasant side effect that is not the focus of the KühlerZ system.

What KühlerZ does is maintain Core Body Temperature to make every day feel like a cool day. The fine, timed mist acts as imitation sweat when the temperature rises, and air cooling alone is no longer sufficient. The ultra-fine droplets float through the spiralling airflow. As they land on the cow, her body heat causes them to evaporate. The evaporation causes a chilling effect that cools the blood flowing just below the surface of her skin. This chilled blood is pumped towards her core and effectively and efficiently cools her CBT.

CowKühlerZ works to prevent the effects of heat stress by maintaining core body temperature. The “mist” is timed, so even though the KühlerZ nozzles are mounted directly above the stalls, the stalls stay dry. The fine droplets evaporate quickly in the focused airstream, so the moisture doesn’t accumulate, bedding stays dry, and the cows stay dry.

Here is a link to a YouTube video so you can see for yourself. https://youtu.be/tVCHhVFqdyc

What do our customers say?

“We found the CowKühlerZ, we installed them, and that was the solution, immediately the heat stress pretty much went away. We did not see production go down. We aren’t making wet floors; we aren’t making wet feed. You can put fans and water over stalls; you can put them over feed bunks, you can really get a full bang for your buck by having water everywhere. You’ll find usually that CowKühlerZ will pay themselves off in one to three years. This little fan will blow up to 70’ in a tunnel vent barn. It’s a simple controller, you don’t have labour, you don’t have to flip the fans on and off, it’s automated, it runs, and you walk away from it. If you can put a system in that controls itself, that, for the most part, is maintenance-free, that’s always a good system.” US Farmer

"The CowKühlerZ system was expensive initially to install, but without a doubt, hands-down, it is definitely worth every penny. It paid for itself in no time. The cows are much happier and healthier. They're lying down chewing their cuds, the stalls don’t get wet and there are no drops in production." Canadian Farmer

"The system was installed in the fresh cows barn and right after the install in July we averaged 80 - 103°F, the cows feed intake went up by 3kg/day/cow and continued on that level. We know that with higher feed intake comes higher production and less metabolic disorders, less mastitis, less displaced abomasum cases, lower negative energy balance at the start of lactation and better reproduction." Portugal Farmer

Cooling and maintaining core body temperature works to prevent the effects of heat stress. Creating an imitation sweat using a ultra-fine timed mist is both energy and water efficient. We have many happy customers that are happy to talk with other farmers about their experiences with the CowKühlerZ system. Please use the contact form below to request more information or call 1-844-GET-KUHL


The CowKühlerZ system is very effective at cooling cows in spring and fall and in summer,, which is largely because of the variable speed capabilities of the EC Blue motor. The internal VFD allows the Blu Controller to adjust the fan speed according to the THI(Temperature Humidity Index) in the barn. It delivers exactly the right airspeed needed to maintain the cows' Core Body Temperature within her thermal comfort zone.

During the spring and fall months the variable speed abilities mean that the decision never needs to be made, when to turn the single speed fans on. Single speed fans are either delivering to much cooing or not enough, the KühlBlu delivers exactly the right airspeed based on the THI in the barn. Whether its 12°C in early morning and 26°C at 2 in the afternoon. The KühlBlu seamlessly adjusts to provide exactly the right cooling and the farmer doesn't have to do a thing.

"According to my calculations the CowKühlerZ system will pay for itself after seven years in energy savings alone and that’s at todays cost of power, which we all know is just going to keep going up. The energy savings are fantastic! Panel fans run for too long and too fast big and they run at 100% capacity or nothing at all. The CowKühlerZ system adapts to provide the right climate for the cows and it’s fully automated I don’t have to do anything." Farmer from Elora Ontario

The system is fully automated, which means labour savings as well as energy savings. The EC Blue motor is a magnetic, direct-drive motor making it extremely efficient on power usage.

One way many farm manager/owners can reduce energy usage and control their costs is by investing in variable speed fan technology. Such improvements can save fan energy consumption by as much as 76 percent.

Variable speed fans more effectively match airflow output with load requirements, adjusting speeds based on changing needs. This prevents overcooling and generates significant energy savings.

The variable speed drives enable fan speed to be adjusted based on operating conditions, reducing fan speed and power draw as load decreases. Energy consumption changes dramatically as fan speed is decreased or increased due to the fan laws. For this reason, a 20 percent reduction in fan speed provides nearly 50 percent savings in fan power consumption.

Here is a short video we created on the variable speed KühlBlu.


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