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CowKuhlerZ Series

Temperature and Humidity, monitored 24/7 to cover your cows' comfort
At the heart of the CowKühlerZ System are three types of controllers that cover specific functions and adjust the system to the cows' needs. They are fully automatic, easy to set up and alter, then offer everyday peace of mind without the need for employee intervention.

  • HAC, the Holding Area Controller will automatically manage your fans and nozzles in the holding pen during the milking time. In between milking times, the HAC will shut the fans and nozzles off, saving you water and energy.
  • KBC, switches the KuhlBlu Supporters on and off when needed and sets the variable speed of the fans depending on the ambient temperature and your cows' needs.
  • CKC, the CowKühlerZ Controller monitors temperature and humidity year-round and provides intelligent water cooling only when needed.


  • 0.92 kW
  • 1~200-277V, 3~200-240V and 3~380-480V
  • 400 - 1,200 rpm
  • 24.5 kg

Variable speed fans are often considered as potential sources for stray voltage. Due to its ultra-modern design, the VFD is integrated into the KühlBlu-Motor, which is further equipped with powerful line filters, preventing any stray voltage from escaping and causing discomfort or harm to your cows.

The proven, innovative water cooling system KühlerZ Nozzles

  • Delivering precise, perfectly-sized water particles directly on the cows' coat Water particles evaporate -with the body heat- into the air
  • Bedding does not get wet
  • Minimizing the water use to a fraction of other methods use

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