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Does size matter?

Not when it comes to the mighty 18." Core Cool fan! This tiny fan packs some serious punch! It's the newest addition to the Core Cool Systems product lineup.

There are lots of barns or sections of barns with low ceilings and tight, stuffy corners. This creates big problems when trying to find an effective cooling solution for a tricky area that can generate and accumulate a lot of heat and humidity. Most fans on the market are too large for these spaces, and the ones that do fit have about as much power as a five-year-old blowing out birthday candles. 

Core Cool Systems has listened to you, the farmer, the sales/service crew and developed a powerful fan just for these pesky places. Powered by a Ziehl-Abegg EC direct-drive motor with built-in variable speed, this fan packs a massive punch.  Both energy-efficient and supremely effective. With airspeeds of 20mph at the face and 5mph at 25ft, this fan is in a league of its own.

Please don't take my word for it. Hot off the press, a video from Martin von Taschitzki of the test run in Germany yesterday, March 18/2021.

Does size matter? Not when it comes to the 18" Core Cool

Hot Cows are not fun. When the temperature soars or jumps around like a jumping jack, cow performance suffers. Production, reproduction and cattle health drop. Core Cool Systems offers a solution to the damaging effects of temperature stress. Combining the elements of wind, water, time, temperature and humidity to create a fully automated system that makes every day feel like a cool day for your cows. 

Cows love Consistency, and Core Cool Systems offers cows the consistency they crave.

It's the perfect time to make plans for the warm weather ahead. Core Cool Systems has a solution to meet all your cow cooling needs.

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Call 1-844-GET-KUHL today! info@corecoolsystems.com If you prefer to email. 

Imagine how happy your cows will be when every day feels like a cool day!


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