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Optimizing Year-Round Air Quality: The Core Cool Advantage

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Improve Year-Round Air Quality for Happier, More Productive Cows.

No one likes walking into the barn in winter and getting hit by thick, heavy, stale air. Let’s be honest. That can often happen when barns are closed for the winter. We understand how frustrating and costly it can be. Investing in a system that includes a variable speed function provides year-round benefits and can alleviate the problem.

Adequate air quality is fundamental to the well-being and productivity of dairy cattle. As we investigate the importance of mastering air quality management, we'll highlight how Core Cool Systems emerges as a comprehensive solution for year-round comfort in dairy farming.

The Impact of Air Quality on Cattle
Winter air quality can significantly impact dairy cattle in several ways. Cattle are highly sensitive to their environment, with poor air quality leading to 

  •  Respiratory issues, 
  •  Reduced feed intake, 
  •  Increased susceptibility to diseases. 

During winter, specific challenges arise, influencing the overall health and productivity of the herd.
Understanding and addressing these impacts is crucial for maintaining the health, comfort, and productivity of the herd. Here are some key factors to consider:

Ventilation Challenges:

During winter, dairy barns are often closed tightly to retain warmth, which can lead to poor ventilation. Inadequate air exchange can result in the accumulation of moisture, dust, and harmful gases inside the barn.
Poor ventilation contributes to higher levels of ammonia, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants, negatively affecting respiratory health.

Moisture and Humidity: 

  • Drastic temperature variations between indoor and outdoor environments can cause moisture build-up on ceilings, walls, windows, and doors. 
  • Cattle naturally release moisture through respiration and other bodily functions. In winter, this moisture can accumulate in barns with limited ventilation.

High humidity levels can lead to damp bedding, increased risk of bacterial growth, and discomfort for the cattle.

Respiratory Issues:

  • Stagnant air and the accumulation of dust and contaminants can contribute to respiratory problems in cattle. Cold air can exacerbate these issues, as it tends to hold less moisture, potentially irritating the respiratory tract.

Temperature Fluctuations:

Drastic temperature variations between chili nights and balmy can stress cattle. For example, when we start the day in a vest, sweater, and jacket, but by 2 pm, we are down to only a long-sleeved shirt. Cattle are always wearing a thick leather jacket, they don’t have the ability to shed layers like we do. This causes a rise in respiration rate as a way to cope with the increased temperatures in the barn. 

Bacterial Challenges:

Moist conditions in winter can create an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria. This can be particularly concerning in bedding areas and feeding zones.

To address these winter air quality challenges, farmers implement various strategies:

  • Ventilation Systems: Well-designed ventilation systems, including features like ridge openings and eave inlets, side wall openings, and exhaust fans, can help maintain air exchange, remove moisture, and control temperature.
  • Bedding Management: Regular cleaning and providing dry, comfortable bedding help minimize bacterial growth and maintain a healthy environment for cattle.
  • Ammonia Control: Proper manure management, using absorbents, and optimizing ventilation contribute to controlling ammonia levels.
  • Temperature Regulation: Use the fan system to move air and cool hot cows. Problem: Many traditional barn circulation fans are single speed; on or off. Making management difficult.

Mastering Year-Round Comfort for Cattle with Core Cool Systems

Core Cool Systems is the innovative answer to achieving optimal air quality and promoting cattle health throughout every season.

Year-Round Adaptability

One of the standout features of Core Cool Systems is its ability to adapt to changing seasons seamlessly. Whether facing the chill of winter, the transitional weather of spring and fall, or the scorching heat of summer, this system is designed to cater to the unique needs of cattle throughout the year.

Winter Wonders: Defying the Chill

Winter brings its own set of challenges, and maintaining optimal conditions in the barn is crucial. Core Cool Systems ensures that even on the coldest days, cattle experience a comfortable environment. By efficiently managing air circulation and preventing discomfort, the system contributes to the well-being of the herd, promoting overall health and productivity.

“Health wise the cows are doing much better, less heat related illness and air quality related illnesses, especially pneumonia. We used to have real issues with pneumonia in the barn but the variable speed of the fan means that we are getting good air exchanges, air flow and movement without even having to think about manually turning on the fans to achieve it. The fans are coming on and changing the air automatically.” Farmer from Woodstock, ON

Spring into Action: Adapting to Changing Seasons

As spring ushers in unpredictable weather, Core Cool Systems remains a steadfast ally. Activating strategically with the rise in temperature, the system enhances air circulation and eliminates humidity. This adaptability ensures that cattle experience the right level of comfort during the transitional seasons, setting the stage for a productive year.

“I really enjoy that the system is fully automated. Often, in the spring and fall before we even notice that it is warming up the system kicks on and keeps the holding area at its optimum temperature. This takes all of the guesswork out of when heat stress is an issue early and late in the season.” A customer from Mifflintown, PA

Summer Breeze: Combating the Heat

The sweltering heat of summer can pose a significant challenge to cattle health. Core Cool Systems tackles this head-on by adding evaporative cooling to the equation. The ultra-fine droplet creates an imitation sweat that cools core body temperature, preventing heat stress and keeping cows within their thermal comfort zone during scorching temperatures.

“We stopped having a summer decrease in milk production and a higher fertility rate in the pen. The system has exceeded my expectations, mainly for cows' welfare and production.  It’s an investment that pays for itself.”  A customer in Portugal 


Farmers who have embraced Core Cool Systems share their success stories. 

"A fully automated system that adjusts according to the temperature and humidity in the barn. No bells and whistles just happy, healthy cows!" 

“Heat stress has been taken out of the equation in our operation.”

“We have rumen boluses on our farm, they take core body temperature readings every 15 minutes. This past summer we installed a Core Cool System in late July and we went from getting several alerts a day to pretty much zero.”

“We have a Lely robot that tracks respiration rate. In the summer, if the water gets turned off, we see a spike in Respiration Rate immediately. We know that the evaporative cooling over the feed bunks and beds is working to keep our cows in their thermal comfort zone.”

These customer testimonials underscore the practical benefits and tangible results that Core Cool Systems delivers, making it a reliable choice for dairy farmers seeking year-round solutions.

Core Cool Systems emerges as an invaluable part of a complete ventilation solution that provides cows with environments in which they can thrive for 12 months of the year. That reliable flexibility contributes to a very short return on investment that really proves “the dollars make sense”. The ability to maintain core body temperature throughout the year and its adaptability to seasonal challenges set it apart as the ideal solution for ensuring year-round comfort and productivity for cattle.

If you're ready to revolutionize your dairy farming experience and prioritize the health and happiness of your herd, embrace the Core Cool advantage. Contact nancy@corecoolsystems.com or on WhatsApp +1-330-717-8852

It’s time to say goodbye to seasonal ventilation challenges and hello to a year-round success with content, healthy cattle.

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Article written by Nancy Vander Byl

P.S. Additional reading about the benefits of year-round ventilation solutions: https://www.sunnorth.com/education-benefitsofventilation.html Sun-North is our North American distributor with 35 years of experience in providing top-quality agricultural ventilation solutions.

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