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Core Body Cooling with Core Cool Systems.

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Proactively prevents the costly effects of Heat Stress. 

Every year heat stress costs dairy producers millions of dollars. When temperature soar, production, reproduction and cattle health drops. Core Cool Systems offers a fully automated solution to minimize the effects of heat stress on dairy cows by maintaining core body temperature so every day feels like a cool day. Imagine being able to take ambient temperature out of the equation. When cows are cool, we can maximize performance by getting the most out of all the other inputs. 
Producers spend a fortune putting numerous fans into their barns, and still, their cows are suffering. There isn't enough airspeed. We know how frustrating that is. With a Core Cool system, we have used the most powerful motor we could source, an EC direct-drive motor. Specially engineered blades have increased the velocity and distance of air throw. There are so many large fans on the market that struggle to achieve two mph at 20 ft. 
That's why Core Systems, keep pushing the boundaries. Our 32" Core Cool Fan is achieving 5 mph at 90 feet! As a result, greater airspeed over the cows for longer distances. This results in better cooling. 

There's nothing worse than laying in bed worrying about the forecast. I know that first hand. Farmers shouldn't have to lose sleep worrying about whether they should turn the fans on or leave them off. That's why Core Cool uses an EC motor with internal variable speed capabilities. Our intuitive controllers are monitoring the climatic conditions in your barn 24/7 and seamlessly adjusting the system to offer maximum comfort to your cows by continuously keeping their Core Body Temperature (CBT) in the thermal comfort zone. Freeing up time for farmers to get on with the 100 other jobs waiting for them.

Have you ever walked in a barn, and every cow is standing in front of the bunk line soakers? None of them are eating. They are just standing, panting and trying to cool off. We know how frustrating that is. The Core Cool system offers intelligent water cooling right in the stalls and at the feed bunk, so cows are comfortable and cool where we want them to spend most of their day. 

Core Cool Systems provides low-pressure, low-volume evaporative cooling over the beds without soaking the bedding, stalling or the cows. The mist application is timed according to the temperature-humidity index (THI) in the barn. For example, it may mist for 1 minute then turn off for 5 minutes to allow evaporation to occur.

The ultra-fine droplets land on the cow's coat and evaporate from a combination of airspeed and body heat.  As the ultra-fine droplets evaporate off her coat, it causes a chemical reaction, a chilling effect, cooling the blood flowing just below the surface of her skin. Thus, effectively maintaining her core body temperature and keeping her comfortable and cool. 

What do Core Cool customers experience?

The heat doesn't bother them because the Core Cool system keeps them comfortable and cool. It takes temperature out of the equation. With a Core Cool system, I can provide my cows with the consistency they need to perform at their best. We maintain production throughout the summer, and our reproduction, well, it's never been better. 
The mist is the cream. When it's really hot, the intermittent mist comes on and cools the cows, the bedding doesn't get wet, and we don't see an increase in our somatic cell count. The best part is, we maintain components. Milk price pays on components not just volume this has a significant impact on profitability" An Ontario Farmer and CowKühlerZ customer.

CowKühlerZ is the original series by Core Cool Systems

Providing cows with cool consistency will have a significant impact on cow performance, longevity and productivity. In addition, when core body temperature is maintained within the thermal comfort zone, cows can get the most out of all the other costly inputs purchased to benefit them. Waterbeds, robotic feed pushers, excellent feed quality, expensive minerals are just a few examples. 

Imagine getting your cows through summer without any significant drops in production or reproduction. What would that look like for your operation? Core Cool Systems is a capital investment in your operation that will pay for itself in a short amount of time, both in cattle health and in Moo-LAH. Call 1-844-GET-KUHL (1-844-438-5845) to get a free consultation and barn design. 

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