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No matter how good things are going in the early spring, you know it won't last. Summer is coming. Temperatures will rise, your production and reproduction will drop. Your profits will suffer because of it. 

If only there were a way to keep springtime production through the heat of summer...

Core Cool Systems takes temperature out of the equation.

In the spring, life on the farm is great. The cows are exceeding your expectations, and the operation is making a good profit. Then it starts to warm up, then cools off, then warm up again, knocking your cows around causing major health issues. We know how much cows love consistency, and it seems impossible this time of year to give it to them. Core Cool Systems will make all those fluctuations disappear for your cows by adjusting seamlessly to maintain core body temperature. Every day will feel like a consistently cool day.

As the weeks go on, it gets hotter and hotter and hotter. The cows stop eating. Production drops. The cattle stop showing strong signs of heat. Reproduction drops. Metabolic issues like ketosis start to plague your herd. The vet is coming daily. There go your profits.

It's so gut-wrenching. I know how financially devastating it is to suffer these drops. But, it's out of your hands, you can't control the weather. What if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? Core Cool Systems is the solution you have been looking for. 

By maintaining core body temperature, Core Cool can take temperature out of the equation. As a result, every day will feel like a cool day for your cows. 

Imagine what your operation would look like if you could maintain production and reproduction throughout the summer? 

Sounds impossible, right? With proven on-farm results in multiple countries over the past 10 years, Core Cool can make every day feel like a cool day for your cows. 

It is possible using three simple components.

  1. An intuitive controller that monitors the temperature and humidity in your barn 24/7 and adjusts the system accordingly.
  2. A powerful variable-speed fan that produces a very focused, incredibly high airspeed to maximize air cooling.
  3. An ultra-fine droplet that acts as an imitation sweat to cool when air cooling alone isn't sufficient. 

The system works proactively to maintains core body temperature. As a result, your cows never notice the wide swings in temperature or the soaring temperatures. When core body temperature is maintained, we take the damaging effects of temperature stress out of the equation. As a result, your cows can reach their full potential—maximizing their performance and maintaining your profits. 

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