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Hey, Ketosis is fun, right? NOT. 


When your cows suffer Metabolic Issues, the outcome can be catastrophic. Best case scenario, you have a live cow, a healthy calf and a hefty vet bill, but all too often, the reality is much worse. The culprit at the root of this issue is often heat stress. 

High ambient temperatures have severe adverse effects on the biological functions of high-yielding dairy cows.  

Many research studies show that heat stress conditions in barns cause: 

  • An increase in acidosis risk in almost all lactation stages. 
  • The highest ketosis risk is in early lactation (till 60 days)  
  • The mid-lactation ketosis risk is higher  
  • An increase in clinical and sub-clinical mastitis
  • An increase in Sub-acute ruminal acidosis. (SARA)

What is SARA? According to OMAFRA - Sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA), also known as chronic or sub-clinical acidosis, is a well-recognized digestive disorder that is an increasing health problem in most dairy herds. Results from field studies indicate a high prevalence of SARA in high-producing dairy herds as producers respond to the demands for increased milk production with higher grain, lower fibre diets that maximize energy intake during early lactation. Dairy herds experiencing SARA will have decreased milk production efficiency, impaired cow health, and high rates of involuntary culling. 

The highest-producing cows are at the highest risk. This is not the group of cows we want to be jeopardized Unfortunately this time of year, July and August when we have numerous hot days in a row the risk is a reality. 

Let's not forget environmental mastitis. It can cause a dollar drain in your herd too. The level of mastitis and somatic cell counts rise as temperature and humidity levels move upward. Somatic cells elevate in response to heat stress. It can take weeks or months for them to decrease. Frustrating, to say the least. Core Cool Systems will maintain core body temperature, keeping cows feeling cool and reducing mastitis cases.

I know it sounds impossible, but there are significant on-farm results to prove this claim.

"Fresh cows stayed on track better. Feed intake stays up all summer. Our SCC does not jump up because of the mist from the KühlerZ (nozzles), We have had our system in for 3 years now, and we have less mastitis now because the cows aren't stressed out from the heat and humidity. They are comfortable. There is no fluctuation in our production. Our DHI records show the system is working our average milk yield is very consistent even through the summer months. We have 3 summers of records to prove this." 
A Core Cool Systems customer from Grey Bruce, Ontario.

Core Cool Systems is a complete formula that limits the effects of heat stress on dairy cattle by maintaining core body temperature. Monitoring the THI(Temperature Humidity Index) in the barn or holding area and adjusting itself automatically to suit the climatic conditions. Proactively keeping the cow in her thermal comfort zone is the best way to prevent the detrimental effects of heat stress. By proactively manipulating the conditions based on the environment and maintaining core body temperature, the damaging effects of heat stress can be prevented.

I know you are skeptical. You don't need to take my word for it. Here are the experiences of a dairy producer in the Ottawa area. Since investing in a system during 2016. They have seen an enormous improvement in all facets of cattle health farm 

"Metabolic issues (like Ruminal Acidosis, Ketosis, twisted stomach and milk fever) just don't happen anymore. After installing the CowKühlerZ (Core Cool) system, the late pregnant and early lactation cows are healthy and performing very well. This is a significant improvement and has had a great impact on our operation.

Our somatic cell count has stayed where it always was prior to installing the CowKühlerZ (Core Cool) system. The addition of the fine droplets over the stalls has had no effect on our somatic cell count. The droplets evaporate quickly, and the stalls don't get wet. The cows are lying in their stalls where we want them. 

Preventing Heat Stress has had a ripple effect on our operations. The difference wasn't immediately noticeable, but they become very apparent over the course of a few years. It's a full circle, the cows are more comfortable, they are performing better, and we are a more successful operation because of our decision to go with CowKühlerZ."  
An Ontario Farmer

Preventing the impacts of heat stress can have a major impact on the health and well-being of your herd. Investing in a system that takes temperature out of the equation will significantly impact all areas of your operation. By continuously maintaining core body temperature, A Core Cool System makes every day feel like a cool day. Your cows can reach their full potential and maintain performance throughout the warmer months, maximizing your profits. 

To speak with a representative or a Core Cool Systems customer, please fill in the contact form below.


Article sources - http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/livestock/dairy/facts/03-031.htm


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