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Why Core Body Temperature Consistency is Important for Dairy Cow Health.

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Why Core Body Temperature Consistency is Important for Dairy Cow Health.

Authored by North American Ag

Nancy Vander Byl, Core Cool Systems recently joined North American Ag’s Chrissy Wozniak to discuss why core body temperature (CBT) consistency is critical for maintaining cow health.

The Core Cool System offers a fully automated system to make every day feel like a consistent, cool day for your cows. Temperature swings and heatwaves cause cows to struggle, giving you big problems to deal with. You and your cows shouldn't have to suffer because of fluctuating and/or high temperatures. When the temperature and humidity (THI) in your dairy barn change, the Core Cool System reacts quickly and precisely to proactively prevent your cows from the negative effects of that temperature swing. Vander Byl compares cow comfort on a hot day with the Core Cool System to a barn relying solely on fans:

“The fans are going at 100% and yet the cows are still panting, not eating and your production numbers are dropping and that’s because even though your fans are running at 100%, they’re just not giving that relief.

It’s on those (hot) days that the Core Cool system is coming on, we’re having that intermittent timed mist that is acting like the imitation sweat and it’s keeping that core body temperature down so that before she can even feel heat stress, we are maintaining core body temperature and keeping her in her thermal comfort zone. She doesn’t even notice it’s hot- for her, it feels like every day is a cool day.”

Core Cool is unique in that it focuses on maintaining core body temperature. The system has an intuitive controller that is always monitoring the temperature and humidity in the barn and adjusting itself accordingly. The intermittent misting acts as an imitation sweat for the cows and will go (for example) 1 minute on, 3 minutes off. The number of droplets and the amount of time for which they are released is based on the current humidity levels and temperature in the barn, which allows full evaporation between cooling periods. This system keeps the cows cool, while keeping them and their bedding dry in the process.

While it may appear that maintaining CBT in cows is only a struggle in the summer months with the threat of heat stress, we must remember that cows love consistency. This includes consistency in the cooler months when there are random days where the temperature spikes to above average. The Core Cool System will kick in on these days and ensure that the cows in the barn have no idea that the temperature is fluctuating outside.

A question that is often asked is, “Why not just use fans?”, and the answer to that is simple. Fans do not provide the consistency that cows crave. Additionally, it puts pressure on the farmer to manually maintain temperature consistency in the barns, which is simply not feasible 24/7. Adjusting the fans with every temperature change takes time away from other important tasks on the farm, and it also means a significantly higher waste of energy on days when the fans are on 100% when they don’t need to be. The Core Cool system provides peace of mind to the farmer in knowing that his cows are constantly cool. Get the benefits of an air-conditioned barn without the price tag that would come with it. Vander Byl notes:

“…Air conditioning for barns is just not financially possible. What we do by maintaining CBT is we’re using minimal energy, minimal water, getting maximum effect.”

It’s frustrating when the temperature jumps around or suddenly skyrockets, and your cattle performance suffers as a result of these changes. Barns across the world have embraced the Core Cool System not only for its proven efficiency, but for the overall peace of mind it brings to the farmer. The wellbeing and safety of one’s herd is always a top priority, and Core Cool plays a large part in keeping happy, healthy cows all year round. Core Cool has been helping farmers prevent the damaging effects of temperature swings and heat stress since 2009.

To learn more about why core body temperature consistency is important for dairy cow health, contact Core Cool Systems today.

Note: Core Cool Systems original series was called CowKühlerZ.

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