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FAQ - How many degrees of Ambient Air Cooling can I expect from the Core Cool System?Ambient air FAQ blog.png

Don't feel like reading? Here's a link to a video - FAQ - How many degrees of Ambient Air cooling can I expect?

Depending on many factors, you can expect 5 to 10 degrees of ambient air cooling. However, we consider the ambient air cooling a pleasant side effect for the people that work in the barn. 

Our focus is on the COW and maintaining her core body temperature. 

Why? Because she is more important, keeping her cool and providing her with consistency is more important than cooling the ambient air. 

Systems that focus on cooling the air are banking on enough degrees of ambient air cooling that she/the cow can give off her heat to the environment around her. Which is fine if it’s 25°C but if it's a 100°F/ 36°C in the barn and we lower the ambient air temperature by 10°, it's still 90°F/ 32°C. The cows are still suffering severe heat stress, she can't give off the heat she generates from rumination to the environment around them. The ambient air is to hot.

With Core Cool Systems, the focus is on her. The System never stops manipulating the environment around her, keeping her cool as the temperature rises, so she doesn't have to throw her heat off to the environment around her because she isn't hot. 

Core Cool Systems intuitive controllers monitor not only ambient air temperature in the barn but also the humidity. Monitoring humidity is critical, because when the humidity is above 60%, cows can feel the heat at fairly low temperatures.     

For example – A traditional single-speed fan system may only come on at 20°C/ 68°F, which sounds cool, but if the humidity is just 50%, your cow is already a risk for reproduction success. The risk of more severe heat stress increases as the temperature and humidity increase. 

With a variable speed system like Core Cool Systems, the fan speed increases as the temperature increases, keeping the cow in her thermal comfort zone the entire time. She doesn't even notice the ambient air temperature rising and feels consistently cool. We all know how much cows love consistency!

As the temperature and humidity rise, there comes the point where airspeed alone isn't sufficient to offer cooling. That's when the evaporative cooling feature kicks in, adding another level of cooling to maintain core body temperature. 

Cows don't sweat as humans do, so they don't have a way to self-regulate their body temperature. They have to give their heat off to the environment around them. That's why all the focus is on cooling the ambient air. But remember, 10° degrees of ambient air cooling when it's 100°F/36°C means it's still 90°F/32°C. The cattle are still at a moderate to severe risk of heat stress.

The evaporative cooling is timed and adjusted according to the temperature and humidity in the barn. The fine droplets evaporate quickly from a combination of the cow's body heat and the focused and high-speed air. Keeping the cows feeling comfortable and cool.

The proof is in the pudding. Let's finish with a quote from a customer's nutritionist at a farm with a Core Cool System in Portugal.

     "The system was installed in the fresh cows barn and right after the install in July we averaged 80 - 103°F, the cows      feed intake went up by 3kg/day/cow and continued on that level. We know that with higher feed intake comes higher      production and less metabolic disorders, less mastitis, less displaced abomasum cases, lower negative energy balance      at the start of lactation and better reproduction." Nutritionist to Portugal Farmer

Both the farmer and nutritionist are very happy with the result's achieved with the Core Cool System through a significant heat event. 

In conclusion, ambient air cooling will occur because the droplets will evaporate in the air and cool it, but Core Cool Systems' primary focus is maintaining Core Body Temperature and keeping your cows cool and in their thermal comfort zone. 

If you have any questions, or you would like to learn more, contact me nancy@corecoolsystems.com 


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