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FAQ - What's so special about variable speed controlled by the temperature?

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Don't feel like reading, here's a link to a video instead.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5IkVbglbqM.

You know those days in the spring and fall when you start with a sweater, and a vest at 6 am. First, the vest comes off around 8 am, then the sweater around 9:30, and by 11:30, you are working in a t-shirt, maybe even starting to break a sweat. 

I know you know the days.

On those days, speed set according to the temperature is essential for your cow's comfort and health. They don't have layers to take off, they only have one coat, made of leather, so it holds the heat in, making her feel hot. Sometimes they may still wear their winter coats, so it's even hotter for them.

Those days variable speed set to the temperature is a massive asset. 

When it's cool, the Core Cool System units are just slowly turning, keeping the air moving, fresh and dry as the day heats up, the Core Cool unit speeds up. Increasing the airspeed in the stall, keeping her comfortable and cool in her stall, or at the bunk if you have bunk cooling. 

She doesn't even notice the temperature rising because the airspeed compensates for the increasing temperature. To her, it's a consistently temperate day. Then in the afternoon and early evening, as the temper starts to drop, the fan speed drops accordingly. 

Core Cool Systems focuses on maintaining her Core Body, so she feels the same consistent temperature regardless of fluctuations in the ambient air temperature. 

Here is a testimonial from a farmer in Ontario, Canada, about his experience with a Core Cool System. 

"The system adapts to provide the right climate for the cows, and it's fully automated. I don't have to do anything. Panel fans run for too long and too fast, and they run at 100% capacity or nothing at all."

This farmer likes that the Core Cool unit sets the speed according to the temperature, so his cows have the consistency they need to reach peak performance. His bottom line likes that he doesn't have to pay for power to run fans at 100% when they only need to run at 75% or 58% or 33%. You can't get that flexibility and adaptability from a single-speed fan. 

It’s a bonus that the variable speed happens internally in the EC motor, without needing an external VFD, limiting the chance of stay voltage in the barn. 

Variable speed set according to the temperature and humidity in the barn has massive benefits 365 days a year. The Core Cool System offers heat stress prevention during the hottest months and the value-added benefit of providing your cows with core body temperature consistency 365 days a year. 

Consistently Cool Cows are Core Cool Cows. 

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