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FAQ - Will my bedding get wet with water cooling right over the beds?

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Short Answer: Your bedding won't get wet with Core Cool Systems. 

Don't feel like reading? – Here's a video link – https://youtu.be/ZWtM41A5zfI

The Core Cool Systems uses an ultra-fine droplet that doesn't soak the cow, the bedding or the stalling. Every molecule of water the system puts out evaporates, and there is no water accumulation causing soaking or wetting. 

The low-pressure, low-volume water cooling technology adjusts intuitively according to the temperature and humidity in real time.

The ultra-fine droplets create an "imitation sweat." The droplets evaporate off her coat and produce a chilling effect that maintains core body temperature and keeps her cool.

Longer Answer: 

Many companies have tried, and the results have been catastrophic, wet beds, an increase in mastitis and somatic cell counts. We don't blame you for being skeptical. I would be too. That's why much research and development has gone into the Core Cool System since its inception in 2009. We have discovered that high airspeed is critical to evaporation and the success of cooling with water over the beds. The water droplet's size, the water application's duration, and monitoring and adjusting to humidity and temperature are all critical to the success of cooling over the beds with water. 

All those elements must work together and be balanced to match the temperature and humidity to achieve cooling without soaking the bedding. 

  • Minimum 5mph/7kmph wind speed in every stall
  • Droplet Size
  • Duration and Frequency of misting
  • Humidity 
  • Temperature 

High airspeed is critical. Every stall must have a minimum of 5mph to help evaporation. 

We have systems running over sawdust, manure solids, straw, deep bedding packs, and all farmers report that the bedding stays dry and that the SCC has stayed the same or lowered. 

Every droplet the system puts out has time to evaporate from the high airspeed and the body heat coming off the cow. There is no moisture accumulation, and the cows, stalling and bedding all stay dry. 

An important factor is humidity. We monitor the humidity level in the barn continuously. If the humidity is high, the water system backs off and decreases the duration and frequency of the misting to accommodate for that humidity. The high humidity level can be set in the controller, and when the humidity in the barn reaches that level, the water system shuts off completely. 

Our focus is to offer the best cooling possible but to keep the bedding dry, so the cow can stay healthy and be cool at the same time. 

I asked a customer to answer this question for you, "I don't want to put the Core Cool System in because I'm afraid my bedding is going to get wet." Here is his answer. 

     "Our Somatic Cell Count did not rise because of the water over the beds. It stays consistent. The bedding stays dry.      We have had our system in for four years now, and we have fewer issues now because the cows aren't stressed out      from the heat and the humidity. They are cool and comfortable. Our DHI records show the system is working, and we      can see that the cows are healthy, comfortable and cool."

This farmer has a tie stall barn with low ceilings and many obstructions like pipeline and support posts. He has the complete Core Cool System, uses the evaporative cooling feature from April to October and is very happy with his decision to invest in a Core Cool System.  

The question was, "Can I have water over the beds and not have wet bedding?" The answer is YES, with a Core Cool System, you Can.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at nancy@corecoolsystems.com 

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