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Blog Repro.pngFAQ -Will a Core Cool System help my summer reproduction?

YES. Maintaining Core Body temperature and keeping the cows cool will have a significant impact on reproduction rate.

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When dairy cattle are subjected to heat stress, reproductive efficiency declines. Cows under heat stress have reduced duration and intensity of estrus, altered follicular development, and impaired embryonic development.

Reproduction is the first to suffer when the warm weather arrives. At just 24°C/76°F and 50%, humidity reproduction can start to be affected.

That means getting cows in calf from Mid summer to Mid Fall can be an issue on some farms. 

Optimal CBT is 101.5°F/38.6°C

When the core body temperature rises just 1°C from 38.6°C to 39.6°C, conception rates can drop 20%, and when the ambient temperature reaches 32.2°C/90°F or above within the first 72 hours after breeding, the chances of that cow staying in calf are 0%. Imagine how much of an impact that has on an operation.

The viability of the embryo is compromised at a CBT of 102.2°F/39°C. Embryonic life is very susceptible to heat stress during the first six days, and the result of temperatures rising to 104.5°F/40.3°C can be deadly catastrophic to the embryo.

Negative effects of heat stress have been identified from 42 days before to 40 days after insemination. The only way to protect your herd is to provide continual cooling and maintain core body temperature.

The Core Cool System prevents Core Body Temperature (CBT) from increasing to the critical levels. The ultra-fine droplets act like sweat to maintain CBT as ambient temperatures rise. She is consistently cool.

I asked a customer to share his experience, I asked, “How has the Core Cool System impacted your operation?” Here’s his answer.

Summer Reproduction levels are at an all time high.

     "Our summer reproduction levels were fantastic in 2019 our first summer with the system and continue to be.

     The cows and heifers that freshened between May - September get back into calf on their first heat cycle and start      calving in Feb, March and April, which has a huge impact on our production levels for those months.

     Missed heat cycles, cows not breeding due to heat stress can be avoided."

     A Customer from Woodstock, ON

Poor summer reproduction rates can cost significant amounts of money and create a management nightmare. You shouldn't have to deal with that aggravation. Core Cool System is an investment in your operation that will pay dividends in multiple ways.

Preventing the damaging impact of heat stress on reproduction rates means getting cows back in calf on the first attempt, even in the hotter months. Keeping your operation on track, getting your girls back in lactation, keeping the milk flowing into your tank and the MOO-Lah in your bank.

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