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off her feet lying down.pngGet her off her feet and laying down. 

It's hot. The stalls are empty. Instead, the cows are standing and panting. The levels in the milk tank are dropping, and conception rate is plummeting. We know how frustrating that can be. But if your cows are hot, you can have the most comfortable stalls on the planet, and they won't use them. That's why Core Cool Systems developed a system that cools your cows in their stalls. 

Rick Grant of the Miner Institute says,

           "We must do an effective job of cow cooling to get her into the stall and lying down to avoid production and health           problems. During heat stress conditions, core body temperature appears to control whether the cow stands up or           lies down. That trigger exists at 102 °F, according to Grant's summation of a Cornell project. Cows stand up once           their core body temperatures reach 102 °F, and they don't return to lying until their body temperatures reach           around 100.9°F."

A cow at 101°F/ 38°C is operating at her best, she is in her comfort zone, and her production, performance and health will be at their best. Core Cool Systems' primary focus is on proactively manipulating the environment to keep her as comfortable as possible in her stall, limiting the effects of heat stress.

          "At Miner Institute, we observed about one hour per day less rumination time for cows exposed to minimal heat           stress abatement versus the recommended fans and sprinklers over the feed bunk and stalls. We must do an           effective job of cow cooling to get her into the stall and lying down to avoid production and health problems."


Read the full Blog post from Hoard's Dairymen. Standing is the cooling method we don’t want


Most systems offer heat abatement, which is reactive, meaning they are trying to cool her down after she is already heat-stressed and her comfort is compromised. Be proactive with an intuitive Core Cool System. That is continuously monitoring the conditions in your barn and adjusting the system accordingly, keeping your girls comfortable and feeling cool. 

It is essential to keep cows comfortable and cool to maximize their comfort and performance.The Core Cool System offers an effective and efficient solution for preventing heat stress.

We have many happy customers that can attest to that.

          ”We installed our first (Core Cool System) CowKuhlerZ series in 2017 and we were immediately impressed with the           results.  The air movement improved, the cows were more comfortable and the milk output stayed consistent on           hot days.  The fans are quiet, easy to install and don’t take up a lot of space.  In addition, the control panel is           user-friendly and maintenance is minimal.” A Farmer in Ontario


If you would like to speak with this customer or one that matches your area of concern or operation, we will be happy to put you in touch with them.

Keeping cows comfortable and cool throughout the warmer months is every dairy farmer's top priority. Why? Because hot cows stand all day and don't eat. When cows stand all day and don't eat, we see a drop in production and an increase in metabolic issues, conception rates plummet and fall lameness issues aren't far away. 

Cows provided with the consistent coolness they crave can reach their full potential and maintain it regardless of heat stress events and fluctuating temperatures.

Visit corecoolsystems.com to learn more or contact Nancy at nancy@corecoolsystems.com

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