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Is Heat Stress impacting your dry cows and their in-utero calves?dry cows.png

Maternal heat stress during late gestation poses significant challenges to the dairy industry, with far-reaching consequences for both current and future generations of cows. Heat stress prevention is not just a matter of cow comfort but has substantial economic implications.

When pregnant cows experience heat stress during the late stages of gestation, it triggers a chain reaction of negative outcomes.

Concise Significant Points

Maternal heat stress during late gestation:
•    Reduces the calf's survivability.
•    Reduces milk production for up to 3 lactations.

Results in an average US dairy cow having:
•    Five months shorter Productive Life (PL).
•    An annual loss of 120 kg of milk annually if exposed to in-utero heat stress.

Annual losses for the dairy sector due to in-utero heat stress include:
•    Milk loss in multiple lactations.
•    Reduced PL.
•    Additional heifer rearing costs.

Total losses would be $595 million if dry cows were not cooled.

Dry-period heat stress affects the survivability and productivity of second-generation offspring.

Cooling dry-pregnant cows is crucial for:
•    Rescuing dam subsequent lactation milk loss.
•    Ensuring optimal survivability and productivity of daughters and granddaughters.

Source: https://www.journalofdairyscience.org/article/S0022-0302(20)30448-3/fulltext

More in-depth Explanation

First and foremost, when dry cows are subject to heat stress during late gestation, it reduces the survivability of their progeny(calf). The adverse effects extend to milk production, with consequences that can persist for up to three lactations. The numbers are sobering, with an annual loss of 120 kg of milk per year for each cow exposed to in-utero heat stress.

The ramifications of how dry cow heat stress impacts the broader dairy sector are even more concerning. Research proves maternal heat stress leads to a 5-month reduction in Productive Life (PL) for the average US dairy cow. The costs add up, not only in terms of milk loss across multiple lactations but also due to reduced PL and the additional expenses incurred in rearing heifers.
The annual economic toll of in-utero heat stress on the dairy industry is nothing short of staggering, a figure as high as $595 million, assuming that operations continue to cool their dry cows inadequately. This figure underscores the urgency of addressing the issue.

It is important to mention that it's not just the current generation of cows that suffer the consequences. Research proves that Late gestation/dry-period heat stress impacts the survivability and productivity of second-generation offspring, highlighting the enduring effects of this problem.

Considering these findings, it becomes evident that cooling dry-pregnant cows is not merely a matter of animal comfort; it's a strategic necessity for the dairy industry. Proper cooling practices are crucial for rescuing dam subsequent lactation milk losses, ensuring the optimal survivability and productivity of daughters and granddaughters, and safeguarding the economic viability of dairy operations.

This information highlights the need for continued research, investment, and innovative solutions to mitigate and prevent the impact of maternal heat stress on dairy cows, protect the industry's future, and promote the well-being of these animals.

Recommended Solution

Technology-driven, progressive dairy producers consider implementing cutting-edge cooling systems to address the heat stress dilemma and ensure the well-being of their dry cows. Core Cool Systems is an advanced cooling system offering a revolutionary approach to maintaining core body temperature for lactating and dry cows. The system continuously monitors ambient air temperature and humidity, making real-time adjustments to airspeed to match the temperature while incorporating evaporative cooling, factoring in relative humidity. The result is a tailored climate that keeps cows in their thermal comfort zone.

By maintaining the ideal core body temperature within this thermal comfort zone, Core Cool Systems not only ensures the comfort of your dry cows but also promotes udder health and supports the development of the mammary system during the critical dry period. This holistic approach has been proven on farms in the USA, Canada, Slovenia, Portugal, and many other countries to increase milk production and, ultimately, enhance the profitability of your entire herd.

Customer Testimonial

We have noticeably better calves; they are born heavier, and they are outperforming their sisters from years prior to the system being put in the dry cow area. They seem to hit the ground running. 
(Metabolic issues like Ruminal Acidosis, ketosis, twisted stomach and milk fever just don't happen anymore). Metabolically, we no longer have any issues after installing the (CowKühlerZ) system. The late pregnant and early lactation cows are healthy and performing very well. This is a significant improvement and has dramatically impacted our operation.
The system is fully automated, which is a real bonus. The THI in the barn is monitored 24/7, and the system adjusts itself automatically. No matter how busy our day gets, the cows are kept cool in their stalls. We can focus on what needs our attention because the CowKühlerZ System (by Core Cool Systems) is working to keep the cows cool. That means a lot to our operation.”
                                                                         CowKühlerZ Series of Core Cool Systems Customer
                                                                         Ottawa, ON, Canada

Investing in the well-being of your dry cows is an investment in the future success of your dairy operation. Core Cool Systems provides the ultimate solution for maintaining cool, comfortable, and productive dry cows, ensuring their welfare and the prosperity of your dairy business. It's a simple yet advanced technology that can make a profound difference, helping you address the challenges posed by maternal heat stress and securing the sustainability of your dairy operation. 

How to get more information

Contact nancy@corecoolsystems.com to learn how Core Cool Systems can benefit your operation. If you are in North America, you can call 1-844-438-5845, or if you use WhatsApp, call +1-330-717-8852

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