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Is Fall Lameness Crippling Your Operation? 

Understanding the Heat Stress-Lameness Connection

Fall Lameness – a heartbreaking challenge faced by busy dairy farmers in the midst of a bustling fall. Harvest is in full swing, and preparations are underway for the colder months ahead. Right when you are at your busiest, cows are limping. You have to stop what you are doing and treat them. It’s time-consuming and frustrating. We get it. Core Cool Systems is a proactive solution focused on maintaining core body temperature. It cools cows in a unique way.

Fall lameness isn't just a hurdle; it's a costly disease that affects the health of your herd and takes a toll on your profits. Treating fall lameness is labor-intensive and expensive, with the highest associated cost being reduced milk production. It's estimated that clinical lameness causes a loss of close to 800 pounds or 5.5 pounds per day on average. 

Traditional summer cooling systems inadvertently contribute to the problem of fall lameness. These systems encourage cows to stand at the feed bunkers for hours to get the cool relief provided by the bunk line soakers. The soakers then in turn do exactly what their name implies: they soak the alleys the cows are standing in. Cows then end up standing for hours on end, something they aren’t structurally built to do, in hock deep, dirty water that penetrates the soft tissue around the hoof, compromising hoof health.

Producers often wonder, "How do we break free from these costly, never-ending hoof health challenges?" It's a significant concern; hoof issues can quickly turn chronic, demanding continuous treatment and sometimes resulting in culling the cow. Core Cool Systems stands as part of the solution. Change can be daunting, we understand. Core Cool Systems offers farmers a better way forward. As the saying goes, "Fortune favors the bold."

Core Cool Systems offers a KISS solution. A precise, automated answer to the heat stress dilemma. While traditional systems react to heat, Core Cool takes a proactive approach. Continuously monitoring conditions in the barn, it adjusts to keep cows' Core Body Temperature (CBT) in the thermal neutral zone.

"It’s an automated system without any extra bells or whistles. There’s very little maintenance, and it works seamlessly. It starts when it’s needed and stops when it is not needed." - Customer Testimonial, Elora, ON

With Core Cool, every molecule of water the system puts out for evaporative cooling evaporates. There is no accumulation of water. The system is placed over the beds as well, maintaining core body temperature so cows spend more time lying down, significantly reducing instances of fall lameness. 

Shield Your Herd Against Fall Lameness Due to Heat Stress

Here is a powerful testimonial from the farmer who bought the first system sold in Canada in 2016:

"We have had a significant improvement in our instance of Fall Lameness. We used to treat about 10% of our herd, and that’s down significantly to about 3%. Preventing Temperature Stress has had a ripple effect on our operations. The cows are more comfortable; they are performing better, and we are a more successful operation because of our decision to go with Core Cool Systems." Arnprior Ontario

Fall lameness is not only time-consuming but also costly to treat. Research shows that the cost of treatment per case is between $76 and $533 USD. In a recent article published by Penn State Extension, it is stated...

 "A recent study published in the April 2023 edition of the Journal of Dairy Science. When considering how much lameness costs a farmer, Robscis et al. (2023) included a loss in milk production, changes in reproduction, and treatment costs. This study suggested that it costs an average of $336.91 per case of lameness. Digital dermatitis was the largest cause of lameness and cost almost $100 more than other causes of lameness. For each additional week that a cow remained lame, it cost the farmer $13.26 more per week.” Emily Fread, Penn State Extension Educator, Dairy 
Source: https://extension.psu.edu/lameness-its-costing-you

The article goes on to say that the lowest treatment rate was 26%, while the highest was 98%. Imagine having to treat 98% of your herd for lameness!

Let’s do some calculations based on that information.
100 cows
Treat 26% for fall lameness
26 cows x $336.91 = $8,759.66

ROI – Return on Investment Understandably, it is paramount to producers during the decision-making process. 

Core Cool Units average around $156.29/cow, give or take, depending on the unit size and power supply available on the farm. This means that a Core Cool System for 100 cows is roughly $15,629.00. 

If there is a 50% decrease in Fall Lameness issues, $8,759.66 – 50% = $4,379.83
$15,629.00 divided by $4,379.83 = 3.56 years

Investing in Core Cool Systems could mean an ROI of 3.56 years.

That’s if the only improvement for your herd was a 50% decrease in the number of fall lameness cases you have to treat. There are other significant improvements experienced by Core Cool customers to improve that ROI, but every farm is different with its own unique situations, making ROI a very individualized calculation. 

The Core Cool Advantage:

Core Cool Systems is a fully automated solution to temperature stress that allows farmers to provide their cows with precision cooling that is both energy efficient and conserves water. While traditional systems offer reactive heat abatement, Core Cool takes a proactive approach, continuously monitoring climatic conditions and adjusting to keep cows' Core Body Temperature (CBT) in the thermal neutral zone.

"The system is expensive, but it worth every penny.  It's obvious that a lot of research and development has gone into this system. It's incredible how all the components work together to create a system that takes heat stress out of the equation." Customer Testimonial, Pennsylvania USA

Investing in Core Cool Systems isn't just about preventing heat stress; it's about shaping a future with fewer fall lameness cases. Imagine a fall season where lameness is a rarity, and your herd thrives in optimal conditions. Core Cool Systems becomes the strategic ally, ensuring contented cows, increased milk production, improved summer reproduction, and overall herd health and wellness, significantly improving operational success.

As you prepare for winter, consider the unseen impact of heat stress on your herd's hoof health. Break free from the cycle of fall lameness; imagine a future where your dairy operation isn’t crippled by the costs of fall lameness. The evidence is in the testimonials, on-farm proof that Core Cool Systems is the key to less lameness in the future.

Invest in the well-being of your cattle with Core Cool Systems — where innovation promotes better hoof health. Connect with the Core Cool team today. It’s as easy as 1.2.3!

Let's Make a Plan and be prepared for Summer 2024!

Step 1 - Call Nancy at 330-717-8852. Let’s discuss your farm's specific needs and challenges, determine if Core Cool Systems is a good fit, and define the value your investment could bring to your operation.
Step 2 - Design a Custom Plan: Work with the Core Cool Team to create a tailored plan for your dairy utilizing your existing infrastructure to amplify the Core Cool Systems impact.
Step 3 - Install Over the Winter: Plan for installation over the cooler months so you'll be ready to breeze through Summer 2024 with a herd that stays cool, comfortable, and thriving.

Taking these three easy steps ensures a future where heat stress is a thing of the past and fall lameness on your farm is significantly reduced. Let's make a plan together for a summer filled with happy, healthy cows! You know what they say, “Happy Cows = Happy Farmer.”
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