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Winter Wellness - Core Cool Systems' Strategic Role in Dairy Cow Health 

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A Winter Wellness Strategy for Peak Dairy Cow Health.

It's winter, the barn is closed up, and the air becomes stagnant and stale. Condensation from cow's breath and the mix of cold outside air with warm inside air create a perfect storm for respiratory illnesses. This time of year can be frustrating and expensive. We get it. That's why we designed Core Cool Systems to benefit herd health even during the coldest winter months.

The Core Cool unit operates as low as 8%. It gently stirs the air at this speed, drying up moisture and condensation and keeping the air fresh and dry, significantly impacting cattle health and comfort. Decreasing the instances of respiratory illnesses even when the barn is closed up tight to keep out the winter chill.

"You'll be surprised even now in January in the afternoon when the sun is shining the barn heats up and the fans are on at 30% to change the air. The THI sensor monitors the humidity in the barn, it does a better job than we could ever do, without us ever needing to think about it." Farmer from Woodstock, ON

As winter's chill tightens its grip on dairy farms across the Northern Hemisphere, the challenges of maintaining optimal cow health become more pronounced. Traditionally, fans are turned off for the colder months, offering no benefits to cow comfort and wellness. Little to no air movement leaves cows susceptible to respiratory issues and compromises overall health and well-being.

In this article, we'll delve into the strategic benefits of Core Cool Systems during winter, shedding light on how these innovative solutions prevent heat stress in the summer and actively contribute to the winter wellness of dairy herds.

The Winter Conundrum

Winter presents dairy farmers with a unique set of challenges. Barns are closed to keep heat in, fan systems are inactive, and air circulation diminishes. Creating an environment conducive to condensation buildup, leading to dampness and stale conditions—ideal conditions for respiratory diseases in cattle.

Core Cool Systems' Adaptive Operation

Unlike traditional cooling systems that become idle in the winter, Core Cool Systems stand out for their adaptive nature. The E.C. motor is electronically commutated, allowing the core cool unit to operate at a variable speed between 8% and 100%, without needing a VFD (variable frequency drive). The intuitive controller monitors the temperature in the barn and automatically sets the speed to match, effectively driving out humidity, moisture, and condensation during colder weather. By maintaining a gentle breeze, they prevent the onset of respiratory challenges without causing discomfort to the cows.

Supporting Respiratory Health

Cows thrive in environments that align with their natural preferences. With their variable airspeed, Core Cool Systems ensures optimal conditions by providing fresh and dry air. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of pneumonia and respiratory diseases, supporting respiratory health throughout the winter.

"Health wise, the cows are doing much better, less heat-related illness and air quality-related illnesses, especially pneumonia. We used to have real issues with pneumonia in the barn but the variable speed of the fan means that we are getting good air exchanges, air flow and movement without even having to think about manually turning on the fans to achieve it. The fans are coming on and changing the air automatically." Farmer near Woodstock, ON

Farmers who have integrated Core Cool Systems into their winter operations consistently report reduced respiratory issues, healthier herds, and the absence of pneumonia-related setbacks. These testimonials underscore the tangible impact of Core Cool Systems on winter wellness.

A Practical Solution for Winter Wellness

In the face of winter challenges, Core Cool Systems emerges as practical guardians of wellness for dairy herds. By actively preventing pneumonia and respiratory diseases, these systems offer a year-round solution to enhance the health and productivity of dairy farms.

"Cows continuously produce heat and moisture. When cows are confined in freestall barns, loafing sheds or under shade structures, a ventilation system is necessary to continuously exchange warm, humid inside air for drier, cooler outside air. This exchange must occur regardless of outside temperature or weather conditions. Even when its snowing on a cold windy night, fresh outside air is required to keep cows healthy and to reduce moisture levels inside the barn. This ventilation process also removes odors and gases. Barn design, construction, and operation must consider the year round needs of the cow for optimum ventilation." Robert Graves, Ph.D., P.E, Professor Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University

Are you ready to prevent summer heat stress and improve your dairy herd's winter wellness?

Choose a system that benefits your herd 365 days a year. Contact nancy@corecoolsystems.com today to explore innovative solutions to elevate your cattle's health and productivity.

Don't let winter compromise your herd's well-being. Equip your dairy farm with the innovation it deserves. Contact Nancy today to ensure your herd thrives in every season. What's App +1-330-717-8852.

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PS: As we delve into the winter wellness strategies, let's consider the ultimate question in ventilation and cooling: "What is best for the cow?" A well-ventilated barn, free from moist air in winter and stuffy air in summer, ensures your cows thrive, maintaining productivity that directly impacts your farm's profitability. Core Cool Systems is your ally in creating an optimal environment, safeguarding your herd's health, and boosting your dairy farm's success year-round. Choose the best for your cows—choose Core Cool Systems.


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