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Cost vs Value: It's an age-old consideration. 

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Factors to Consider When Evaluating Your Cooling System's True Cost.

As the dairy industry strives to maximize cow comfort, increase productivity, and improve profitability, one critical yet often overlooked factor emerges: ventilation and cooling systems. Farmers invest in top-dollar, top-of-the-line equipment like milking robots, automatic feed pushers, TMR mixers, and even waterbeds for their cows.

Farm owners and managers should not overlook the importance of an effective cooling and ventilation system. Hot cows don't eat; they don't lay down, making those other investments almost useless when the cows are too hot to utilize them. 

Consider this testimonial from a dairy farmer near Erie, PA, who implemented the CowKuhlerZ system (An early Core Cool Series) to combat heat stress in their operation:

"We put our first CowKuhlerZ system in our Fresh Cow pen several years ago to alleviate heat stress issues caused by poor ventilation. The impact on production and cattle health was immediate. Subsequently, we installed systems in our holding area and a 400-cow barn. The results have been phenomenal. We've experienced steady production, improved reproductive rates, and better hoof health. The system paid for itself within months from increased milk production alone."

This testimony underscores the transformative power of investing in quality ventilation and cooling systems. Yet, despite the significant financial benefits, some farmers hesitate to prioritize this aspect of their operations.

So why do some farmers opt for alternative, less expensive ventilation systems?

It may be a matter of perception or possibly budget constraints. However, as this testimonial illustrates, the upfront investment in a system like Core Cool can yield substantial returns in milk production, cow health, and overall farm profitability. 

While a $900 fan may initially seem like a cost-effective solution, the long-term implications must be considered. 
These "cheap" fans often require:

  • Additional expenses include maintenance, belt-tightening and replacement, broken blade repair, and bearing replacement or greasing. 
  • Many consume 6 to upwards of 10 Amps of power, increasing electricity consumption, which can add up to significant amounts of money over time. 
  • They often need to be spaced closer together to achieve adequate airspeed. 
  • They usually don’t include variable speed, so they must be fitted with an external VFD (Variable frequency drive/inverter) that adds more cost to every unit and increases the possibility of stray voltage issues on the farm. 
  • Single-speed units require compromise on when to start them up, when to keep them running, and when to shut them off. 
  • Power draw on start-up can also mean time spent orchestrating start-up in an effort not to melt a breaker or, worse yet, an entire panel. 

On the other hand, investing in a Core Cool unit may involve a higher initial cost but offers significant savings in the long run. With its energy-efficient EC motor and advanced cooling technology,

With their sealed, direct-drive EC motor, Core Cool systems minimize electricity consumption and reduce the need for frequent maintenance. Moreover, the substantial improvements in cow productivity, health, and overall farm profitability provided by Core Cool units far outweigh the initial investment. When evaluating the true cost of cooling solutions, it's crucial to consider not only the upfront price but also the ongoing expenses and long-term benefits.

The effectiveness of Core Cool Systems lies in its ability to maintain cows' core body temperature within their thermal comfort zone. 

  • Utilizing powerful, specially designed Core Cool Units (more than just a fan). 
  • The energy-efficient EC motor has a max power draw of just 3 Amps.
  • The latest in EC motor technology offers variable speed with the added advantage of eliminating the need for an external variable frequency drive (inverter). 
  • The EC (Electronically Commutated) motor electronically adjusts the speed, tailoring the airspeed to the barn's temperature, which provides value year-round. 
  • Advanced water-cooling technology provides superior cooling using low-pressure, low-volume ultra-fine water droplets to maintain cow core body temperature. 
  • Every drop of water the system puts out evaporates. There is no accumulation of wastewater to store and later spread on fields.

Core Cool Systems ensures optimal cow cooling, even in challenging environments like low-ceiling barns or open-shade structures.

While conventional systems may provide certain advantages and are preferable to no cooling at all, cutting-edge technologies like Core Cool Systems offer superior benefits, enhancing cow comfort and productivity. 

Research conducted at several universities and research centers worldwide underscores the significance of ongoing innovation in cow-cooling techniques. Complete systems like Core Cool Systems lead the way in effective, efficient, value-for-money cow cooling. 

In today's volatile dairy industry, the dollars invested need to make sense. With 15-cent milk prices an ever-looming possibility, prioritizing energy consumption and producing less wastewater to manage also contributes to the decision-making process. Farm profitability is at the top of all farm owners’ and managers’ decision-making checklists.

In conclusion, as temperatures rise and summer approaches, now is the time for dairy farmers to consider, purchase, and implement cooling systems before heat stress begins to impact cow comfort and productivity. Core Cool Systems stands at the forefront of the revolution in cooling strategies, offering dairy farmers a proven solution to optimize efficiency, improve cow health, and maximize profitability.

Take the first step towards a cooler, more productive future with Core Cool Systems. To learn more about how Core Cool Systems can transform your dairy operation, contact us at nancy@corecoolsystems.com or call 1-844-438-5845. Let's build a cooler, more prosperous tomorrow together. 

Nancy Vander Byl wrote Blog Post 
Core Cool Systems 

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