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Cooling cows can be achieved using a fraction of water that soaker systems use.

Water use on dairies increases in the summer because cows drink more water, and dairy farmers use soaker systems and high-volume sprinkler systems to keep cows cool.

Did you know that the Core Cool System offers core body temperature cooling using a fraction of the water that a soaker system uses and has the same if not better cooling results?

Research has demonstrated that low-pressure Core Cool nozzles use nearly 75% less water than soaker systems and 43% less than a high-pressure mister system. The low-pressure, low-volume water usage Core Cool nozzles conserve valuable natural resources without sacrificing cow comfort on-farm.

Professor John Bernard of the University of Georgia has researched the effectiveness of low-pressure, low-volume water versus high-pressure, high-volume systems. 

"Results of this trial indicate that the low-pressure mister system is as effective as the high-pressure mister system for providing supplemental evaporative cooling based on body temperature and respiration rate of lactating dairy cows housed in a free-stall barn. However, the low-pressure mister system used 43% less water than the high-pressure mister system, which is important for reducing total water usage."

Link to research results by John Bernard at the University of Georgia. 

"Water use on dairies increases in the summer because cows drink more water, and dairy farmers use water sprinklers to keep cows cool. This new research demonstrated that a "low-flow" sprinkler system that uses nearly 75% less water-cooled cows just as well as a traditional high-volume system. Low-flow sprinklers conserve valuable natural resources without sacrificing cow comfort on-farm," said Matt Lucy, Ph.D., editor-in-chief, Journal of Dairy Science, and professor of animal science, University of Missouri, USA. See article. Cooling cows efficiently with water spray

How is that possible, you ask? The Core Cool nozzle creates a timed, ultra-fine mist that acts like an "imitation sweat" these tiny droplets land on the cows' coat. As the droplet evaporates, it creates a chilling effect that cools the blood flowing close to the surface. This cooled blood works to maintain her core body temperature (CBT) as it's pumped towards her core. The controllers monitor the THI (temperature humidity index) in the barn and adjust the timed fine mist's duration to match the ambient air conditions. These settings are easily programmed to match your geographical location, so the system is effective worldwide.

The system is installed over the beds and along the feed bunk, offering cool comfort in the two places we want cows spending most of their time.

The Core Cool System maintains core body temperature by creating an imitation sweat with a timed ultra-fine droplet that doesn't soak the bedding or the cow. It works like real sweat works on humans. On a hot summer day, when you are working hard outside, you sweat. When the breeze blows past you, the sweat evaporates off your body, causing a chilling effect. You feel cooler. You are cooler. Core Cool System does exactly that for your cows!  This has a significant impact on overall performance because we want cows spending 11 – 14 hours lying down each day. Every hour of extra lying time means more milk for you. You can read more about this here, Lying time significantly impacts milk production. 

Bunk cooling is equally important as stall cooling because we want cows visiting the bunk 11-14 times throughout the day.  When the bunk isn't cooled, cows wait until the cooler hours of the day to eat and gorge themselves past full.  This plays havoc on pH balance and can cause components to plummet during heat events. Check out SARA/SLUG feeding. Here is a link to a fact sheet on SARA feeding. Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) in Dairy Cows, OMAFRA

Investing in a Core Cool system for your cows means that every day feels like a cool day.  You can give them the consistency they crave regardless of fluctuating temperatures or heat waves.  They can be lying in cool comfort in their stalls or saunter over for a graze at the bunk and be cool the entire time. Imagine that... 

If you would like to speak to a Core Cool Systems representative, please fill in the contact form below or call 1-844-GET-KUHL to talk to a representative.

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