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Is temperature stress robbing your herd's fertility?

Do you have cows missing breeding cycles? Are you scratching your head because it's only the end of May? 
It doesn't take a heatwave, or a spike in summer temperatures, to cause heat stress in dairy cows. As summer approaches, rising temperatures, even as low as 14 °C/ 57° F, can affect fertility.


Research shows that a swing in temperatures from 14⁰ C to 22⁰ C at a relative humidity of 60 percent can cause 20 percent of eligible cows to slip a cycle in a year-round calving herd. Cows can stop cycling, and fertility will suffer before the cow shows any signs of heat stress, even when we are not talking about extreme temperatures. 

We can experience significant swings in temperature and humidity in the cooler spring and fall months. They can have a significant negative influence on fertility.

Historically it was believed that the threshold at which heat stress affects performance was a temperature-humidity index (THI) of 68, which would be 22⁰C/71 °F and 60% humidity. New studies show that fertility can be affected at a THI of 57, typically about 14⁰C/57 °F at 60% relative humidity. When temperatures increase above this, the effect on fertility is far more significant. Estimates are that at temperatures of 27⁰C/80 °F, the proportion of cows slipping a cycle could rise to 43%.

The goal is to keep cows cool, maintain rumen function so intakes don't falter. Maintain their regular pattern of lying and eating so that reproduction is maintained regardless of heat events. 

Core Cool Systems offer a solution to the damaging effects of swinging and soaring temperatures. The system maintains core body temperature, so your cows always feel cool and comfortable regardless of ambient air temperatures. Providing your cows with the consistency they crave. 

Variable-speed air cooling for days below 18 °C and intelligent, timed evaporative cooling for days when air cooling alone can't offer cool relief.  Controlled by the temperature and humidity in your barn, so your cows are getting precisely the cooling they need to feel cool and comfortable 24/7, 365 days a year.

Don't let temperature rob your herd's fertility. Spring into action and invest in a Core Cool System.

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